Cheaters are becoming a BIG problem in Halo Infinite | Aimbots, Wallhacks & more

? Halo Infinite Multiplayer is a free to play game. Whilst it’s great that the free price tag means more people can play. It comes with downsides, that being rampant cheating by PC players. So what’s happening & how are 343 Industries handling it?

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29 thoughts on “Cheaters are becoming a BIG problem in Halo Infinite | Aimbots, Wallhacks & more

  1. So, would you like to opt out of crossplay in Halo Infinite? Do you think Controller players or PC players have it better? And finally, have you seen cheaters in your Halo games? Let me know in teh comments below! Also, join our Discord to continue the conversation over there too!
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  2. As a long standing Halo Vet from Halo 1, I am glad to say I am just going to play the campaign and let Halo RIP. 343 and Microsoft have officially KILLED halo. Bungie never should have sold it to them and they could've used this alongside Destiny to make them money. It is what it is. I'll remember the childhood memories. #RIPHALO2021.

  3. I figured that was the problem. I noticed someone get perfect hit points while not even aiming at me first. Im like how and a sniper getting perfect shots on my head when I'm trying to run for cover. Like this dude got me and my boys with all 4 rounds in each of our heads while trying to get away.

  4. FYI, Halo infinite does not have any anti-cheat, they also have no way of banning or detecting cheaters.

  5. I would love for 343 would give me the option to only play with pc player. The controller aim assist is insane!!!!!

  6. To be honest with you I cant stand PC players. They act like they're so much better but yet here they are hacking when they can't win or complaining about Xbox players having aim assist. Like really?? You already have all these advantages, If you're losing to console players then get better. Don't try to nerf the console players because yall can't win a free game. I'm more than ready to turn that cross platform off.

  7. It is a console game also if mouse and keybored can't beat a controller with aim assist there trash

  8. Honestly should pull an apex legends and make it so you wont play against or with PC players unless you yourself are in a party with someone on pc. Not sure how they’ll deal with cheaters but having 343 and microsoft go after said sites that offer the cheats with lawsuits immediately would definitely help shut em down, same with doing it to people who pay for said cheats
    Edit: i still think people on PC have the advantage because not only do “most” PC players have a better Device to play infinite they also more than likely have a better FPS and much more.

  9. Bruh what does aim assist on controller have to do with pc cheaters ? bruh lied with his preface

  10. Console players just like to complain too much cuz they suck against pc, console has plenty of cheaters aswell, I use to cheat on console and it's easy

  11. "Honour: aВ qualityВ thatВ combinesВ respect, beingВ proud, andВ honesty: a man of honour."

  12. I think console players have a valid concern playing against the PC master race. ThEy CaN't cOmpEte wIth uS 😛 lol

  13. Cross play PlayStation and xbox only sorted bf isent to bad with any cheaters just the mouse and keyboard superiority but I'm getting used to that and adapting now I'm trying pc players

  14. I just wanna turn off cross play so bad, let them play with the cheaters and the same 80 people all day.

  15. They shod do what overwatch does and thats if a console player is playing in a cross play match with PC players the aim assist on controller is totally disabled

  16. Hacking shit needs to be addressed soon I am playing back to back games full of this shit. As for the PC players bitching about aim assistance and not being able to shit on people with a keyboard and mouse. To those people I say fuck keyboard players keyboard is an unfair advantage from the start and PC competitive shooter game ports should only accept controller input anyway. I'm sure everyone already knows how tuff it is playing against a mouse and keyboard already but for those who don't I encourage you to try any of the new cross platform call of duty games against a keyboard and let me know how that shit goes.

  17. I love constantly being watched thru walls every 1 of 3 matches then to have fanboys tell me they never experienced cheating to dismiss and undermine my genuine experience, and tbh I've had more cheaters on my team so no one else gets kills, honestly private custom matches with friends is the only way to enjoy it without copium

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